Building the Foundation
For a Lifetime of Knowledge

Eager to explore, investigate and discover, your kindergartner is taking on information at a mind-boggling rate. Everything is a question. Everything needs to be touched. And everything forms the basis for a lifetime of education. Our enhanced kindergarten programs are designed to introduce your child to the bigger world of learning while also ensuring a comfortable haven for little ones to feel safe, secure and nurtured.

Each day in class brings a different specialty like Spanish, cooking and music. Our focus is on teaching foundational concepts like shapes, colors, letters, sounds, words, matching, sorting, counting, motor skills, following directions, and of course, lots of laughter, play and fun.

Days are also busy with sports and playground time as well as field trips to the circus, pumpkin patch and other learning-centered outings. Our goal is to nurture a love of learning in every child, while also preparing him for a successful entrée into elementary school and beyond.

The Riviera Kindergarten Program meets all of the state of Indiana kindergarten academic standards to ensure a smooth transition into the public school system. In addition, we update parents regularly about their child’s progress at semi-annual parent-teacher conferences as well as through quarterly progress reports or report cards.